Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Please Don’t Fuck Up Hell’s Kitchen

Right now officials of the Olympic Games are touring New York City to assess its viability to host the 2012 Olympic Games. Our Mayor Bloomberg is campaigning hard to bring the games to the Big Apple. The problem is that his plan to bring the Olympics here hinge upon his ability to build a sports stadium on the West side of Manhattan.

Even if you think the stadium idea is a good one (it isn’t – it will destroy more good than it brings), consider this: do you think that $600 million of our tax dollars should go to this? At a time that the city has threatened to lay off cops and can’t afford to put toilet paper in public school restrooms, Bloomberg and the pro-stadium forces want to sell the MTA’s property for a pittance and build a stadium for the New York Jets.

In Brooklyn, residents of Prospect Heights are
fighting their own battle against such a robbery. Under the guise of bringing the Nets to Brooklyn, billionaire and political influence peddler Bruce Ratner will destroy one of that borough’s finest neighborhoods. If there is a Hell, there is a special section reserved for people like Ratner.

I support bringing the Jets back to New York City, but I oppose robbing the city to the tune of $600 million, especially when we won’t even get free Jets tickets.

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