Monday, September 03, 2007

An Irish Wake For Rocky Sullivan’s

Rocky Sullivan’s is the finest Irish Pub in New York City. But New York City is a different place than it was when Rocky’s opened in 1996. The outstanding pub recently had to relocate to the Red Hook area of Brooklyn. That testifies to not only the excellent staying power of Rocky Sullivan’s, but to the pathetic state of culture in Manhattan.

I managed to visit Rocky Sullivan’s on its last weekend in Manhattan. The “Irish Wake” that was held for it featured music and comedians and a lot of interesting characters at the bar that I had become accustomed to drinking with over the years.

Please make it a point to visit this most excellent establishment at its new home in Brooklyn. It will be well worth the trip.

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Jessica said...

sad. Its moving to red hook and now Red Hook is next in line to get totally raped of what little culture is left. Soccer Tacos are about be taken away.. whats next.
So sad. I miss the old NY. :( Now its becoming disneyland.