Monday, April 14, 2008

Pub Quiz For Liberty

Yesterday I participated in a special Activist Pub Quiz at Rocky Sullivan’s in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

My team, the Ron Paul Revolution, came in third place, which was a considerable achievement given that a) we were the smallest team in the entire pub quiz, with only two members and b) the pub quiz was very left-leaning. Neither of these factors was a surprise to me. I was warned by the most excellent quizmaster, Scott M.X. Turner, that the quiz would be dominated by lefty groups. His questions were appropriate and the quiz was a smashing success.

It would have been nice to have one question about Ayn Rand or Thomas Jefferson or someone else not popular among “progressives.” But we did well anyway, coming in third, and the questions involved people that Americans ought to know about anyway.

In first place was a team named ‘The Four Pillars’ representing the New York City Green Party. They had the prettiest women on their team and were jovial and fun-loving. When they won, they exclaimed, “It’s about time the Green Party won something!”

In second place was called the ‘7-Ups,’ and were a compendium of all that is wrong with leftist movements in the United States. They had one more team member than they were allowed, didn’t even know what cause they were going to donate their money to and were otherwise socially retarded. But even they still made the evening fun. When the quizmaster announced that one team (ours) had identified a photo of Sandino as “10-Gallon Pete,” one of their members wore an expression of disbelief that was amusing.

While we didn’t win, it was nice to meet my teammate, Luke, a fellow freedom-lover and Ron Paul supporter. He might bring more people to the pub quiz in the future also.

Afterwards, quizmaster Scott played guitar with Seanchai & The Unity Squad. It was late night, but a good time.

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