Monday, October 20, 2008

Profiles In Bandwagon Jumping

Colin Powell’s endorsement of Barak Obama for president has been described alternatively as the final nail in the coffin of McCain’s campaign or a knife in McCain’s back. Either way, it only highlights Colin Powell’s dishonesty.

Colin Powell had his chance to rebuke dishonest political tactics and decline to join George W. Bush’s cabinet in 2000, when he congratulated George W. Bush for his non-existent “victory” in the presidential race and again in 2003 when he shilled shamelessly for the Bush administration’s case against Iraq. Each time he chose to align himself with George W. Bush, no matter what the facts. He could have refused to go along with their electoral and martial frauds. He could have kept his credibility and publicly opposed the Bush administration before it was cool, maybe even become a transformational figure.

He had no compunction working for an administration that came into being by suppressing the black vote in Florida. But suddenly John McCain’s divisive campaign tactics bother him, and he’s making the brave choice of endorsing the leading candidate two weeks before the election. Who does he think he’s kidding?

At its best, Powell’s endorsement is cynical political opportunism, at its worst, it is dishonest racial chauvinism. Either way, why should anyone who participated in the Bush administration’s promotion of the invasion of Iraq be trusted at all?

No way would I vote for McCain, but I can’t figure out why so many are lining up to drink the Obama Kool Aid.

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hoodawg said...

Powell is so cravenly desperate to be liked by the establishment that he has indulged in this blatant "me-too" moment. Everyone in Washington and New York is convinced that Powell's endorsement will bring scads of independent voters to Obama. I disagree. People who haven't yet made up their mind are angry at Bush, but unconvinced that Obama is up to the job. This guy was so good at his last job, he made an international plea for a war he immediately repudiated, then used his entire department of the government to undermine. When things went predictably badly, he bailed. I'm going to let that guy decide who I vote for? Not likely.