Friday, April 17, 2009

One Year On

One year ago this month, two people close to me passed away within a few weeks of one another. I couldn’t avoid writing about Russell Lewis or Elizabeth Quilliam, but I knew that if I tried to rush it last year, it would not have been very good. So I started working on the column last year and basically re-wrote it over the last few weeks.

My latest column pays tribute to two very good people who lost their lives last April. Neither one was related to me by blood, but they were part of whatever larger and extended family I’ve somehow assembled through friendships and relationships.

My good friend and (and ex-girlfriend) Melissa Lewis, daughter of Russell Lewis, liked the column, and I am relieved. I hope you will like it too.

It’s important to remember the people in your life that have set a great example of how to live. Russell Lewis and Elizabeth Quilliam (“Mrs. Q” to me) knew that your family and friends are the most important things you have in life, and they lived accordingly.

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