Sunday, July 05, 2009

Fireworks Are Good For You

I spent this past weekend in Connecticut with friends. We mostly observed the Fourth of July holiday by drinking copious amount of freedom-loving beer and eating large amounts of delicious food.

We also set off some fireworks. Early in the day on July 4, my friend Luke and I visited Uncle Guido’s Fantastic Fireworks in Guilford, Conn. There we found many enticing fireworks, including some very impressively packaged items promising thrilling displays of firepower.

The large party was held at a friend’s house in a town near where we attended high school. As evening descended, we prepared for our display. Another friend was able to travel to some Southern states and bring back fireworks that are illegal here in the Northeast. Luke and I were essentially the opening act for these larger fireworks.

We embraced our role with gusto. Luke is very adept at quickly lighting several fireworks at once, making for a more thrilling spectacle. Many of the party attendees were married people with children, and the kids were impressed with the fireworks both big and small. I even helped light sparklers for the children. As this wound down, our friend with the illegal fireworks lit off his large ordnance, and big colorful blooms filled the night sky above my friend’s yard.

I have heard many people portray the fireworks tradition of the Fourth of July as excessively juvenile and a grotesque abuse of our Revolutionary heritage. I disagree.

The use of fireworks, especially the use of fireworks that are illicit in regions with strict laws and regulations of fireworks and firearms, is very American. The Revolutionary War was fought by people who were not about to let the government dictate how they lived their lives. The first shots fired in New England were against soldiers coming to confiscate arms.

Our country exists because people were willing to break the law and light things that went BOOM. Celebrate accordingly.

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Joey said...

When we arrived home on the 4th, just past 9:30, we were treated with a spectacular fireworks display. A neighbor about 6 houses away also was in possession of some delightful professional grade explosive wonders, some of which opened up over my house. Had to have been $5000 worth. It was amazing to watch, and left me with a good feeling inside. I concur, fireworks are good for you!

P.S. He and two others cleaned up the street with gas-powered leaf blowers for an hour! It was crazy!!