Sunday, January 24, 2010

Congratulations New Orleans

I don’t follow sports much, and if I watch a football game at all it will be a Georgia Bulldogs game. Football was invented to give people an excuse to sit on their ass, eat, drink and socialize with their friends.

Nonetheless, people should pick a favorite team based on where they are from or where they have some roots and should stick with those allegiances (unless that team sells them out and leaves the city). I am a New York Jets fan because I am from New York my parents were Jets fans. The Jets also remained in New York City longer, though eventually joined the Giants in playing in New Jersey (the Buffalo Bills are the only NFL team that plays in New York State).

Earlier today, the New York Jets lost to the hated Indianapolis Colts. That Colts quarterback Payton Manning played for Tennessee makes him completely loathsome to a Georgia Bulldogs fan. I’m afraid I may have jinxed them, since I watched the game and I don’t normally watch NFL games or football games at all. However, I thought it would be OK since the last time I tuned in to an NFL game, the Jets snapped the Colts’ big winning streak. But I did not serve as a good luck charm today.

I tuned in to television hoping to see The Simpsons a few short hours ago, only to end up watching the New Orleans Saints vs. Minnesota Vikings game. The game was good as far as football games go, and it ended with an overtime victory for the New Orleans Saints.

This is the Saints’ first trip to the Super Bowl, and I hope they win. I don’t want the Colts to win, especially since they’ve won recently and they defeated my New York Jets. I have a lot more friends in New Orleans and have made several visits there and had a great time. Saints fans, being from New Orleans, are certainly going to be a better breed than anyone who can be happy about the Colts.

New Orleans is a wonderful place that is still suffering from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, high crime and corrupt and incompetent political leadership. The city is turning things around slowly, and will soon have a new mayor, but every little bit helps. So until next season, when it will be time to root for the Jets again, I’m going to support the New Orleans Saints (this doesn’t mean I’m going to watch the Super Bowl, though it is a good excuse to sit on my couch and eat snacks). So…

Geaux Saints!

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