Friday, December 14, 2012


There is a great meteor shower happening right now outside.

Meteors are pointed sparks of poet’s fire. Pure spirits spitting rain to remind us, in a good way, that we are small but destined to take in the whole universe and know every bit of it. They are wild fire fleeting like lift itself, burning brightly with a thrill to light the entire sky, but in an instant gone, a brief but brilliant memory burned into our being. While they do not last long, their inspiration can last decades.

The Perseid meteor shower in the summer of 1993 was amazing, and after a night of watching and being inspired by the meteors I went back inside my apartment and wrote a poem that was to be the first of many. That meteor shower started my life as a writer, and sparked my turn to art from politics, which was a good thing.

May you witness the night sky and marvel at the meteors. May they inspire you to burn memories fantastically in the lives of others and leave traces of your existence, however fleeting.

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