Sunday, March 09, 2008

I Have Wet My Pants

The pants I wore when I met my mother and stepfather for lunch today are thoroughly soaked through. No, I did not forget myself and wet my pants in a pathetic display of infantile relief; I am simply a victim of today’s weather.

New York City was pounded by rain last night and today. In addition to the regular troubles of precipitation, the urban dweller contends with having to walk more frequently in a downpour than their suburban or rural counterparts, who more frequently bear the brunt of having to drive in the rain.

City pedestrians must be on the lookout for giant puddles, the umbrellas of fellow pedestrians, rain that is blown sideways by the wind, and, the dreaded puddle splashes by passing automobiles. I am glad to say I artfully dodged most of these obstacles, but have little to show for it in the way of dry articles of clothing. Wind-blown rain is the culprit of most of my unwanted moistness; and there is little that even the most astute New Yorker can do to avoid that.

It was perfect weather for staying indoors, watching DVDs, and catching up on work that’s been piling up. I’m sorry to say my progress in rainy day activities has been lacking.

But I did manage to walk into the Bronx and back in order to take Metro North trains to Yonkers for lunch with my mother et al. and back. That is the extent of my adventures today. I wouldn’t count on much more going out of doors tomorrow either.

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