Saturday, March 01, 2008

In The Midst Of A Dry Month

This is not a dry month in terms of precipitation. In fact, March in New York started with a wet snow storm that had the face-wincing annoyance of rain with all the sidewalk slippery benefits of snow.

This is a dry month, or dry month and a half, for me. I decided in early February to not drink until St. Patrick’s Day. So far I’ve been doing well. I had a beer with friends on February 1 but since then I haven’t had any alcoholic beverages.

To be honest, as much as I enjoy drinking, I don’t really miss it. I still hang out with friends and go to and play punk rock shows, I’m saving a lot of money and I feel better the next day. I was able to drive people home from a show a few weeks ago because I wasn’t drinking and no one else had to worry about who was going to drive. The problem was solved.

I only hope I can continue to cut back. I tend to drink too much at times to the point of blacking out big portions of an evening. If this can teach me moderation, I’ll be happy, and hopefully have more money.

Please don’t think I’m going to become some kind of Alcoholics Anonymous member or Straight Edge devotee. No way. Alcoholics Anonymous is a cult for people who want to replace their dependency on alcohol with a dependency on other people. There’s nothing dignified about being ensnared in a religious organization that doesn’t have the balls to call itself a religious organization. And as for the Straight Edge scene: I’m not cutting out all alcohol, and if I was, I don’t see adopting an identity over not drinking alcohol any more sensible than adopting an identity over not eating anchovies.

Either way, I’ll still see you at the bar, but I may be sober for the evening.

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