Tuesday, March 03, 2009

In Like A Lion

March started us on the path to spring by giving us a big dose of winter in the form of a blizzard. The approaching blizzard dominated the news Sunday and the city was prepared.

My commute to work in the mornings is usually delayed and crowded. The MTA does such a poor job on a daily basis that commuters are accustomed to frustrating travel. I noticed no difference in my commute this morning even though trains were officially delayed.

I like the snow, though I’m sure my attitude would be different if I was a property owner who had to shovel it. No, I am a lazy apartment dweller who can enjoy the beauty of the snowfall and be clear of the most obnoxious of its consequences.

A big snowfall is a beautiful sight to behold: a blanket of white over everything, bright highlights tracing the boughs of the trees and fresh landscapes unspoiled by footprints that will be gone soon.

The blizzard brought snow to regions that don’t normally see it. It is a chance for our friends in warmer climates like the South to enjoy a taste of real winter. So what if you hot wet or you didn’t get to spend more time at work. For the first time in five years, students in New York public schools had the day off because of the snow. Who can be against that? Enjoy the snow.

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Anonymous said...

We had a beautiful snow here in Athens. Seven inches a my house. I've never seen that much snow. Now I understand a little better the beauty of snow. Glad you enjoyed your snow, too. Nancee