Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Take This Job And Keep It

My new column is now online at Kotori Magazine. It’s about the dismal state of the economy and the fragile position everyone is in. Even those of us who luckily still have jobs are on edge, waiting for the pink slips to land on our desks.

Should I get laid off again, things would no doubt be rough for a while. I am already trying to save as much money as I can in case this happens. I know I will make it through though.

And there is an upside to unemployment and a silver lining to every set back. If it were not for being laid off in 2001, I would not be involved with music the way I am today and I would not have an online column.

Here’s hoping opportunity knocks in another form besides layoffs.

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Greatness With Garrigan Gumption said...

Hey there Matthew! Thanks for the link through. Being the Superintendent of Cheese has truly been a blessing. Thank you for sharing my success story with your readers.

Best regards,